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For authors

The authors are required to fill in the Application Form in order for the manuscripts to be considered for publication.

Language of the manuscript: Georgian, English, German, French or Russian.

Technical Specificities of Manuscripts:

  • The manuscripts should incorporate: title, summary/abstract, key words, main body of text, conclusion and alphabetically arranged list of references;
  • The article may have been written by several (though not more than three) authors; the details (i.e. name, surname, country/city, employer, position, academic degree, e-mail account, telephone) about author(s) should be provided.
  • The abstract of at least 2500 symbols should reflect the importance of the topic, the aim of research and main conclusions. The published Georgian text should be accompanied by the summary in English, while the foreign language text is required to be presented with the abstract in Georgian.
  • When submitting manuscripts, authors should provide 4-8 key words in Georgian as well as in the language of the summary/abstract.

For further details, please refer to Technical Specificities of Manuscripts / Sample..

Please, send a digital version of your manuscript to the following e-mail account:

1. Manuscripts are published in the journal based on the positive referee reports and the decision made by the editorial board.
2. Generally, authors pay an article publication fee.

Procedures and Criteria for the Selection and Peer Review of Articles

The Selection Procedure for Articles Submitted for Publication to the Journal Kartvelian Heritage

Articles that thematically and structurally meet the requirements and have successfully passed peer review will be published in the journal Kartvelian Heritage.

The Article’s subject matter should be topical involving novelty and valuable conclusions according to the relevant fields (to be reflected in the reviewers’ conclusions).

Manuscript Peer Review Procedure

A manuscript that is thematically relevant with the journal’s area of expertise and is formatted in accordance with the set criteria will be assigned to two experts in the relevant fields. The peer review process is anonymous.

The reviewers will be selected among highly qualified scholars who have made significant contributions to their fields.

A manuscript submitted for peer review is evaluated against established criteria by the reviewer who is required to fill in the relevant form. The review will be transferred to the editor(s) within the specific timeframe.

Criteria for article evaluation:

  • Importance of the research topic;
  • Novelty of work and contribution to the field;
  • Persuasiveness of the author’s perspective;
  • Professional integrity;
  • Language accuracy.

The journal will publish the manuscripts upon favorable opinions of both referees. In case one referee report is negative, the final decision regarding acceptance of the manuscript for publication is made by the Editorial Board. Reviews and the Editorial Board’s decision are reflected in Minutes of the Editorial Board meeting.

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