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About the Journal

The academic peer-reviewed journal Kartvelian Heritage is a periodical (annual) publication of the Kartvelology Research Center affiliated to the Faculty of Humanities at Akaki Tsereteli State University. It publishes articles, research papers and new dialect texts by Georgian and foreign authors in the field of Humanities.

The first issue of the journal was published in 1996. Twenty-two volumes have been published so far. The 23rd issue is being prepared for publication. The journal articles are provided with summaries in foreign (English, Russian) languages.

The journal’s Editorial Board is represented by famous Kartvelologists such as T. Putkaradze (Editor-in-Chief), Eka Dadiani (Executive Editor), Avtandil Nikoleishvili (Editor), Nino Pkhakadze (Editor), Inga Abramidze, Nomadi Bartaia, Levan Beburishvili, Teimuraz Gvantseladze, Rozeta Gujejiani, Luka Dvalishvili, Reuven Enoch, Sergo Vardosanidze, Roland Topchishvili, Kevin Tuite, Merab Kezevadze, Sulkhan Kuprashvili, Merab Nachkebia, Maka Salia, Rusudan Saghinadze, Giorgi Sosiashvili, Manana Tabidze, Marina Katsarava, Revaz Sherozia, Fevzi Çelebi, Nato Tsuleiskiri, Revaz Chanturia, Ramaz Khachapuridze (Academic Secretary), Bezhan Khorava, and Gia Khoperia.

Articles are published in Kartvelian Heritage based on the positive referee reports and pursuant to the decision of the Editorial Board. The manuscripts that fail to comply with set requirements and the standard, will not be accepted (the relevant information is available on the Kartvelian Heritage website).

Both Georgian and English versions (the latter in the form of summaries) of the journal articles are available online. Digital versions of all volumes are accessible at the website of Akaki Tsereteli State University (under Research / Collections in the menu); please, visit our website at

About Kartvelology Research Center

The Kartvelology Research Center represents a structural unit of the Faculty of Humanities at Akaki Tsereteli State University. The Center was established in March 1992 when under the initiative of the Academician Magali Todua, the Rector of Akaki Tsereteli State University and pursuant to the decision of the Academic Council, the Laboratory of Kartvelian Languages, Dialects and Folklore was founded (Chair – M. Todua).

In August, 1992 the Laboratory of Kartvelian Languages, Dialects and Folklore was renamed as the Institute of Dialectology at Kutaisi Akaki Tsereteli State University. In December 1992 Tariel Putkaradze, Candidate of Philological Sciences was appointed Director of the Institute of Dialectology.

Under the leadership of T. Putkaradze, the Research Institute of Dialectology underwent reorganization, followed by the recruitment of new staff. The first phase was marked with the formation of research groups among which the following ones were functioning during 1993-1995:

  • Megrelia: Khobi –village Kvaloni (E. Dadiani, I. Gabelaia, N. Okujava);
  • Svaneti: Mestia – village Lenjeri (N. Nakani, Z. Shampriani, Ts. Guledani);
  • Okriba: Tkibuli – village Orpiri (D. Shavianidze, D. Bakuradze, R. Khachapuridze);
  • Khoni: village Matkhoji (R. Kashia, Ts. Bendeliani, M. Peikrishvili).

The following groups carried out their activities during 1996-1998:

  • Megrelia: Martvili – village Didi Chkoni (E. Dadiani, N. Okujava, L. Kortkhonjia);
  • Svaneti: Mestia – village Latali (N. Nakani, D. Pirtskhelani, Sh. Parjiani, D. Parjiani);
  • Okriba: Tkibuli – village Kursebi (D. Bakuradze, I. Khurtsidze, G. Zarkua);
  • Khoni: village Kukhi (R. Kashia, Ts. Bendeliani, M. Peikrishvili);
  • Kutaisi (D. Shavianidze, V. Tavkhelidze, L. Rusadze).

The following groups worked during 2003-2005:

  • Megrelia: Abasha – village Dzveli Abasha (E. Dadiani, I. Gabelaia, N. Okujava);
  • Svaneti: Lentekhi – village Mele (L. Avaliani, N. Nakani, D. Pirtskhelani);
  • Kutaisi (D. Shavianidze, R. Khachapuridze, L. Khachapuridze);
  • Racha (D. Bakuradze, O. Bandzeladze, G. Zarkua);
  • Sachkhere (M. Mikautadze, L. Rusadze, S. Kublashvili, N. Kvernadze, E. Kavtaradze).
  • In 2003, the following departments were established on the basis of research groups at the Research Institute of Dialectology:

    • Department of Megrelian-Laz Dialect Texts (E. Dadiani (Head), I. Gabelaia, N. Okujava)
    • Department of Svan Dialect Texts (L. Avaliani (Head), N. Nakani, D. Pirtskhelani).
    • Department of Imeretian Dialect Texts (M. Mikautadze (Head), L. Rusadze, E. Kavtaradze).
    • Department of Rachan Dialect Texts (O. Bandzeladze (Head), D. Bakuradze, G. Zarkua).
    • Department of Urban Social Dialect Texts (D. Shavianidze (Head), L. Khachapuridze, R. Khachapuridze).
    • Editing-Publishing Department of Dialect texts (R. Kashia (Head), Ts. Bendeliani, L. Lomtadze, I. Khurtsidze).
    • Department for the Study of Foreign Publications on Kartvelian Dialects and Culture (N. Odilavadze (Head), G. Kamushadze, S. Tkeshelashvili, N. Dograshvili, S. Kublashvili).
    • In 2005, the Research Institute of Dialectology was renamed as the Research Institute of Kartvelian Dialectology.

    In December 2011, the Research Institute of Kartvelian Dialectology was further renamed as School of Kartvelian Dialectology (with E. Dadiani and T. Putkaradze as Principal and Academic Adviser, respectively) became part of the Research Center established at Akaki Tsereteli State University.

    In May 2017, the School of Kartvelian Dialectology served as a basis for the establishment of the Kartvelology Research Center (with Associate Professor Eka Dadiani as its Head) at the Faculty of Humanities. Currently, the Center carries out research in the following two fields: 1. Kartvelian Dialectology, Ethnography and Folklore (Head - Prof. Tariel Putkaradze) and 2. History and Cultural Heritage of Georgian Diasporas Abroad (Head – Prof. Avtandil Nikoleishvili).

    The key objectives of the Kartvelology Research Center include the study of the Kartvelian dialects, Folklore and Ethnography as well as specificities of Speech, Customs and Folklore of Ethnic Minorities in Georgia, the practices of obtaining and handling of detailed, diverse and reliable materials and ultimately publishing the research findings.

    The Kartvelology Research Center accumulates the preserved unique dialect texts (audio materials) recorded during 1993-2018 in different regions of Georgia (Megrelia, Svaneti, Imereti, Kutaisi, Racha, Samtskhe, Khevsureti, Adjara, Tao-Klarjeti, etc.). Recorded materials include over 900 digitized audio tapes. At the moment, the recordings are being processed and prepared for publication.

    Unlike already published texts, the new dialect materials preserved at the Kartvelology Center are unique due to diversity of topics, and the methodology and technology of recording; the texts processed on a highly academic level (by strictly observing phonetic rules) provide a reliable source for professionals (i.e. linguists, ethnologists, folklorists, etc.) in the field of Kartvelology. Obtained materials led to the accumulation of a growing computerized linguistic databank. The new dialect texts provide the basis for important scholarly work (monographs, articles). Various dialect texts preserved at the Center are regularly published in the journal Kartvelian Heritage.

    In 2015, E. Dadiani published the Megreian texts preserved at the Center as a monograph: The Megrelian Texts - I (Khobi, Kvemo Kvaloni), Kutaisi, 2015. This is the first Georgian edition of speech samples of the Megrelian dialect accompanied with the relevant audio materials. The recording, processing and studying of new Kartvelian dialect texts will safeguard part of the Kartvelian language legacy and prevent it from disappearance, on the one hand, and will substantially advance the field of Kartvelology, on the other hand.

    Since 1996, the Research Institute of Kartvelian Dialectology has implemented research expeditions (in Dialectology and Ethnography) across different regions of Georgia. These expeditions aimed at recording of linguistic, folkloric and ethnographic materials. During 1993-2005, the expeditions were carried out in various Georgian regions (such as Megrelia, Svaneti, Imereti, Adjara, Samtskhe and Racha). Since 2006, the Center has been accomplishing expeditions in the historical Georgian regions currently located in Turkey (i.e. Imerkhevi, Tao, Machakheli, Livana, etc.). The above-mentioned expeditions are vital for the preservation of the endangered Kartvelian linguistic and cultural legacy, in order to overcome the threat of being forgotten, lost or eliminated in the historical parts of Georgia.

    The Dialectology and Ethnography expeditions engage undergraduates in the fields of Georgian language and literature as well as history along with MA and PhD students of Kartvelian Linguistics at the Faculty of Humanities. The findings of Dialectology expeditions are discussed at scientific conferences. The expedition materials provide the basis for preparing student course papers, and MA and PhD theses and abstracts.

    The Kartvelology Research Center regularly holds the Kartvelology Symposia entitled Kutaisi Discussions. The Kutaisi Discussions I, the first scientific seminar was held on May 13-14, 1994. So far, fourteen Symposia have been carried out, with Kutaisi Discussions XIV, being held on November 3-4, 2017.

    The Kartvelian Dialect texts preserved at the Kartvelology Research Center represent unique linguistic and cultural treasures that provide an interesting research database for pursuing studies in linguistics, folklore, ethnography, culture, etc. The activities carried out by the Center are critical for the development of the field of Kartvelology.


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